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Marketing Outreach is a fantastic way to increase your brand exposure and search engine rank position. Our editors will craft content for your website or product to ensure the best in engagement and search engine optimization. Your curated content will be featured on niche-relevant websites with high ranking metrics and real traffic from readers like you.

  • Real Traffic From Your Target Audience

  • High Quality Domains with Powerful Metrics

  • Great Source of Referral Traffic

  • Proven Highly Effective For All SEO Campaigns

  • Unlimited Genie Wishes*

*Genie can only grant requests related to after-sales support

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What Can SerpSeed Do For You?

Our Packages

Basic Outreach

$19999one time
  • Domain Authority – 10+
  • Outreach with Real Traffic
  • 1 Guest Post

Standard Outreach

$27999one time
  • Domain Authority – 20+
  • Outreach with Real Traffic
  • 1 Guest Post

Deluxe Outreach

$36999one time
  • Domain Authority – 30+
  • Outreach with Real Traffic
  • 1 Guest Post

Premium Outreach

$59999one time
  • Domain Authority – 40+
  • Outreach with Real Traffic
  • 1 Guest Post

Frequently Asked Questions

We do! Please keep in mind this is a small preview of the types of placements we provide. We can cater to nearly any niche and will work with you to find the best placement possible.

Our marketing outreach uses only niche-specific backlinks from high-quality domains and relevant blogs in your niche to promote your content. That means better quality backlinks and higher rankings for you.

We place our outreach content on legitimate, active domains with real visitors and no spammy articles. Our marketing outreach covers a variety of metrics, including Domain Authority, a leading search engine ranking score predictor.

Our editors will craft high-quality, information-rich content for your website or product to ensure the best engagement and search engine optimization. Then, we’ll place your curated content on niche-relevant websites with high-quality, real traffic, and high-ranking metrics. That brings authentic referral traffic from your target audience to your site.

All of our SerpSeed Marketing Outreach packages include:

  • Guest posts to high-quality sites with real traffic
  • Guaranteed domain authority ranking on each placement
  • Full report available on your client dashboard
  • Unlimited Genie wishes with your after-sales support
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