Five Tips To Improve Your Bounce Rate

Five Tips To Improve Your Bounce Rate

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You know what will always kill your conversions? A high bounce rate. A high bounce is one of the absolute worst things a website owner can have.

What is a bounce rate? Simply put, a bounce rate is the percentage of users that leave your website without visiting any other pages.

Today we are going to dive into five fast tips to you can use to increase your bounce rate.

Improve Page Speed

First, let us talk about your page speed. This is the number one factor in a user leaving your website. Think about it. If you go on a site, and the page is taking a long time to load, you will leave that website. Your website visitors will do the same.

You can do a few simple tricks to speed up the loading time of your page, such as:

Again, page speed is your main focus when it comes to bounce rate, so you must sit down and invest the time to optimize your site.

Call To Action

Once you have visitors on your page, you want to retain them. You want to develop a strong call to action for users to click on. Your call to action may require some a/b testing to figure out what works for different audiences or keywords you are targeting. However, once you develop a strong call to action, you will notice a big difference in your bounce rate.

A few ideas for a call to action are a free trial of your services or a massive discount. Do what you can to get users in the door, and then you can offer more services to them down the line. Provide them with as much value as you can, and you will keep them on your site. Doing this is only going to improve both conversion rates and bounce rates.

Display Your Customer Reviews

Users are far more likely to stay on your website if they can see customer reviews. Would you purchase a service that had no reviews posted? More than likely, no. Your reviews are going to build your credibility with the consumer, so you want to find ways to encourage customer reviews.

Reviews will also help with your SEO efforts. Moz says consumer reviews impact 9% of Google’s algorithm. This paired with targeted keywords, excellent ads, and a well-optimized website will not only get users to stay on your site, improving your bounce rate but also help your search ranking position. Speaking of search ranking positions, give our article on increasing your domain authortity. Another easy guide on how to increase the authority and turst of your website.

You should always send a follow-up email asking them to review your service. The more reviews, the more trust you build, the easier it is for a potential customer to want to buy.

Content Worth Reading

If you’re going to spend the time creating a blog post on your website, then you should spend the time making that content engaging. We have all seen it, you go on a site, and the content is terrible. You want the readers wanting to return to your website consistently. Think about a website you visit often. What about their content do you find appealing? For me, a good website needs to have relevant and current content.

Nobody wants to be reading outdated information, and you only have one chance to make a first impression. Every piece of content you produce needs to be well written and researched. The last thing any blog owner wants is for users to see them as someone reposting outdated information. The more users return to your website, the higher your chance for conversions become. Remember, a bounce rate is not based upon who buys from your website; it is about who stays on the website itself. Create yourself a loyal following, and the conversions will surely follow.

Start Using Videos

You should be utilizing some video content on your blog or website. It has been proven that video will drive higher user engagement and retention. Think about it. Why is Youtube as big as it has become? It is because people are more drawn to watching a video than they are reading an article. If you produce a series of videos, you will have users continue to stay on your site. This is what improving your bounce rate is all about, retaining the user.

There is no longer the financial barrier to entry that video once required. Anybody can make a simple video discussing a topic. You can even use a website such as Fiverr to have someone properly edit it for cheap. These do not have to be twenty-minute long videos. They can also be short animations or presentations discussing a topic, but this is much more likely to keep a visitor on your site, than a standard article.

Closing Thoughts

There we have it! You can easily improve your bounce rate with these five tips:

With a bit of work on your end, you can easily improve your bounce rate and start retaining those users!