Tips To Increase Domain Authority

How To Quickly Increase Your Domain Authority

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In the world of digital marketing you’re going to see the term domain authority often. Domain Authority or DA is a ranking metric originally developed by Moz and has become one of the industry standard metrics when it comes to ranking on the SERPs. DA is ranked on a scale of 1-100, the higher your DA, the better your ranking will be.

In today’s article, we are going to briefly touch on what you can do to increase your domain authority score.

Optimize your on-page SEO

The first tip for increasing your domain authority is optimizing your on-page SEO. This include optimizing things such as:

This is just the surface of on-page optimization, if you’re interested you can read our guide on On-Page optimization.

Every so often, it is a good idea to go through your link profile and remove or disavow any links that seem to be coming from bad domains. I know some people may think, the more backlinks, the better, but in fact, bad links from poor quality domains will only hurt your domain authority. You also want to comb through your website and remove any links that are broken or lead to a poor quality domain.

Social Signals

Although Google has stated that social signals do not affect website ranking, it is still a good idea to help with the authority of your site. Think about it; authoritative websites within niches always have a substantial number of Facebook fans, likes, retweets, and shared content.

We recommend that you put the time into your Facebook page to grow that audience. You also want to make sure your content is easily shareable, so add a social button to each piece of content you create. It is also vital that your content looks good when shared on social media. Make sure your image sizes, as well as descriptions, format correctly on social media channels.

Page Speed

Page speed is arguably the most critical factor of any website. Think about it. If you go to a website that won’t load quickly, chances are you are going to move on. If you want to check your page speed, you can use the tool google released. One of the easiest ways you can increase your page speed is merely making sure your images are compressed and the correct resolution. There are many tools online that can compress your images for free. Remember, less is more, there is no reason to overuse images and weigh down your page.

To read more about image optimization, check out our article on Tips For On-Page Optimization.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization was once an excellent addition to your website, but in the eyes of Google, it is now mandatory. There are now more mobile searches than there are desktop searches. Having a website that is not mobile-friendly is going to hurt your overall ranking as well as drastically increase your bounce rate. If a user arrives at your site on their phone and it is not mobile-friendly, they are going to leave immediately. We have all been there, we do a quick search, click on a site, and we arrive on a page that is not optimized for mobile phones. You wouldn’t stay, and neither will your visitors.

User experience is critical when it comes to mobile optimization.

Only Publish Quality Content

The phrase “Content is king” is thrown around often in the world of SEO, and for a good reason. You need to writing content that is unique and easily read by a broad audience. Your goal should be to create linkable content. What we mean by that is an article or video that users want to share or reference on their social media, blog, etc.

Any goal of a website should be to become an authority in your niche. You want users to reference your site as an authority and link to it. Becoming an authority within your niche will be one of the significant points in increasing your domain authority. Quality unique content created on a consistent schedule and shared across many platforms.

Closing Thoughts

To summarize, domain authority is a important factor to know where your website stands. The higher your domain authority, the higher your website is more likely to rank. Remember to focus on the following aspects of your site:

By applying the tips we mentioned in this article, you will be well on your way to increasing your domain authority. Now, go out there and become an authority within your niche!